From project inception to our choice in architect, engineer and construction partners, our approach to real estate development reflects our respect for the natural environment. This respect for the environment drives us to constantly research new products, construction methodologies and design concepts.

We also strive to celebrate and enhance the interaction between the built and natural world. Building for the Canadian market means building for durability but it also provides ample opportunities to celebrate, enhance and enjoy the abundant natural beauty.

                INNOVATIVE DESIGN

Espousing a mature approach to design, our projects combine appealing aesthetics and occupant-focused design. We place great emphasis on occupants’ health, comfort, ease of maintenance and the longevity of our design choices.


On the construction side, our design methodology allows us to explore processes that limit construction waste, economize construction time and minimize impact on the construction site. Whether we are partnering with modular builders or implementing sustainability principles, innovation and improving processes define our work.


Queenston Developments is dedicated to creating quality homes in superior locations. We focus on what our market values and gear each project to meet both owner and occupant expectations, providing tenants and homeowners with comfortable healthy spaces and investors with high-performing properties. Our diligent approach to choosing projects means the end result is succesful, both in terms of profitability and long term performance. 

We're in the business of making your investment meaningful.



Queenston Developments is a Winnipeg based real estate development company focused on small and medium scale projects, bringing high-quality projects, both residential and commercial, to buyers and investors. In addition to bringing our own end-to-end projects to market, we provide development management, investment analysis, joint venture facilitation and financing consultation services to investors and developers.


Mission - We strive to create innovative housing options and be leaders in research, design, risk management, branding, marketing and financing consultations for our investment clients.

Vision - To develop a reputation for thoughtful leading edge of design, sustainability and quality of life.


Values - Our work is about respecting the natural environment, designing for the future and creating and growing value.


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